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Hi, welcome to my site!!! I’m here to inspire, motivate and push you to another level. With a hybrid training using, weight training and calisthenics. I can create customized workout plans that will give you your desired results.

Get Fit Fast

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12 week one on one Program 

Strength & Stamina

The unique program I’ve developed will help burn calories, boost metabolism and improve your overall health. A combination of strategic exercises and a healthy diet will have you in tip-top shape.

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Covid-19 Quarantine 30 Day Challenge

Hey everyone in light of our “new normal” I wanted to challenge you to my Covid-19 quarantine weekly challenge. 

Its completely free! 

This daily challenge will be...

Monday - Saturday 

When you completed the day’s challenge, post it to your social media and tag me in it, so you could be featured in my story. 

Let’s help motivate and lift each other up. 


Disclaimer: This isn’t a full workout plan, it's something to add to your workout plan.  Or if you're board out of your mind and need something to do…

fall into fitness bootcamp

Don't let 2020 Pandemic stop you from reaching your Fitness Goals! 

Now is the time to build a new normal, with FierceIronFitness's upcoming bootcamp!

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Allison Roth

“Carisa is an extremely creative personal trainer!… I lost 8lbs in two-and-a-half months…“

Joshua Pauly

“I lost 43 lbs in one month and have kept it off!!!”.

“Carisa is an amazing trainer and has not only changed my physique, she has changed my life!”

Cathie Rigel

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